How to Stop Pregnancy at Home

 " Home Remedy to Stop Pregnancy "

100% safe and effective for termination of unwanted pregnancy during the first 7 weeks of gestation.

If you think that's not the right time.....

do not panic

over 18 years old

You will not have to wait in the doctor's room and annoying answer personal

questions to prescribe you pills to abort in the first trimester, which in many

countries pills cost very expensive. addition to the query.


The solution faster, secure, comfortable and effective for abortion in the

privacy of your home, without having to spend the chagrin go to their doctor

and take pills that may have side effects.

The "home remedy to Stop Pregnancy" are using thousands of womenin the

comfort and privacy of your home.



 Nobody likes to wait in the waiting room of a doctor.  

The "home remedyto abort " works 100%.   

 It saves you time and hundreds of dollars ($ 100's). 


100% risk free.  

Thousands of women have safely used this home remedy for abortion between

1-7 weeks.

If you want the safe way "to stop pregnancy" quickly and

effectively this is the best solution for you.

The "home remedy to Stop Pregnancy" is very easy and quick to prepare with

ingredients that are available worldwide for less than $ 3 usd. 

The "Home remedy to stop Pregnancy" causes the embryo to detach and

cause abortion so simple and effective.  

In any type of abortion are possible some effects such as fatigue and nausea,

so it should be soughtas soon as possible to feel the effects.


The majority of women say they recovered completely within a few

Depending on how advanced the
pregnancy.  After taking the "home

remedy for abortion"
advised to stay alert for any sudden change that

be felt in the stomach, is a sign that the   " home remedy for abortion " is

starting to work.
When contractions begin in the womb, these are signs that it

is fulfilling
its purpose.

You should try to rest as much as possible, avoid physical work until you feel better.

Where I can find the ingredients to make  the home

remedy to stop pregnancy  and how much it cost?

The ingredients to make home remedy found in shops or supermarkets. They

are readily available worldwide and cost less than $ 3 usd.

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Home Remedy to Stop Pregnancy

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